Full Service Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is the proverbial feather in our cap, and for good reason: piece of mind. We inspect every inch of each critical system, cleaning, lubricating, repairing or replacing small parts just before they naturally fail. In doing so, we can almost always prevent an inconvenient service interruption. In the cases where it happens anyway, members of our maintenance program enjoy a priority status and top-of-the-list response, as well as a discount on all labor charges. Please inquire about this service if you are at all interested, as it is a product uniquely built around your needs.

While you are still browsing, take time to review all of our services, because they are all included in our Full Service Preventative Maintenance program.

Pump & Motor Diagnostics and Repair

We are competent and proficient with all makes and models, specializing in the hard-to-find, special order models. When replacement is the only good option, we always recommend brands with excellent records for dependability and longevity. For a full listing of our recommended brands, click here.

Periodic Irrigation System Maintenance

Whether you want it as a stand-alone service, or part of a comprehensive maintenance service, the product is the same. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual schedules, or anything in between to help keep your system, lawn and landscaping in top condition. For a full listing of the brands we use, click here.

Water Filtration and Purification

As development and construction keeps pace with growth, we pull water from places in the aquifer that we have never pulled from. Sometimes this means an intrusion of hardness, dissolved iron, colloidal iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten-egg smell), tannic acid, and/or salt in your previously pristine water. Whatever the contaminant, we can design a filtration system to remove it at a price that is much lower than the big name brands. We can also refurbish most existing systems to do the same job as a new system at a substantial savings! For more details, click here.

Emergency Water Outage Response

If you find yourself out of water, call us immediately at 407-884-5885. Often, we can guide you through some basic steps over the phone that may restore service immediately. If that doesn’t work though, you can be assured that the next available tech is on their way, day or night, weekends and holidays.

Full Service Installation and Repair

Wherever you are, we come to you. We honor our commitment to the appointments we make, and do our best to be prompt, time-efficient and clean. If we must break an appointment (such as with a drinking water emergency), we try to be as sensitive to the value of your time as humanly possible by rescheduling immediately, and with minimal inconvenience to you.